The Graham Private Client Law Group (“TPCLG”) combines Tax Minimization, Business Planning, Investment Fund Structures, Succession Planning, and Asset Preservation to optimize results for each client.   While clients often seek our advice on a specific issue, too often single issue solutions fail to accomplish larger client objectives. At TPCLG, we first seek to fully understand the current client circumstances, and, based on that knowledge, we work in collaboration with our clients and their advisors to identify all planning needs. Only then do we design and implement the customized integrative plan that properly meets the client objectives. Our consultative approach is focused on achieving:

Tax Minimization:
We advise clients on tax matters including, international tax, ordinary income tax, capital gain tax, state and local tax, and gift and estate tax, as well as real estate transactional/merger and acquisition tax implications. Our advisory process includes,

Planning: First we evaluate all applicable tax relative to the current client structures and circumstances. We then design plans to avoid tax, defer tax and/or convert tax rates as may be applicable and appropriate. Planning for tax implications well in advance of incurring a taxable event is preferable and offers substantial benefits over the alternatives, but effective tax planning can be implemented at any time and under any circumstances to varying degrees of effectiveness.

Monetized Deductions and Credits: Once we achieve the specific minimum tax profile for a client, we then further reduce the client tax obligations with our nationally renowned team specializing in the acquisition and transfer of tax credits and deductions. We provide advice and planning to producers of credits and deductions, syndicators of credits and deductions, and tax payers in sourcing credits and deductions. Examples include Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Conservation Easement Deductions, Entertainment Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Tax Credits, etc.

Tax Controversy: We advise clients on the full range of tax controversy matters, including audit and tax collection matters. Even in this rigid and systemic area of law, we approach client matters as planners first, developing customized creative solutions to their tax controversy circumstances.

Business Planning, Investment Fund Structures and Succession Planning
We advise clients on all profit, loss, equity and control sharing structures. Specifically,

Owner to Owner Relationships: We advise clients on all manner of asset ownership structures including business recapitalizations, partial or full business asset and equity sales, debt raise transactions, industry roll-ups, business operating agreements/by-laws, joint-venture agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc.

Securities and Investment Funds: We offer extensive fund design and implementation expertise and capabilities, including offshore fund structuring, for any asset class (example fund work includes design of sophisticated platforms in commodities trading, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, incubators, and tax credit/deduction funds).

Owner to Employee: We clients in the design and implementation of all economic relationships with employees, including employee benefits plans, employee leasing plans, asset segregation from employee liability, employee handbooks, and employment agreements.

Owners to Family: We advise clients in every aspect of the transfer of wealth to their intended successors. This includes not only the design and implementation of legal documents such as Wills and Trusts, but also consulting on family governance and intent of our clients. These consultations result in greater economic effectiveness and efficiencies in the transfer of wealth without the erosion of the very nature of “what it means to be a good member of the client family.” We help clients provide a familial context for the wealth that guides the family for generations to come.

Owners to Charity: We advise clients in all manner of charitable efforts, including the design, implementation and maintenance of private foundations, trade associations and public charities. Engagement by our team of specialists in this niche includes consulting on taxation, governance, compliance, and funding, as well as donation, management, and resource deployment.

Asset Preservation:
In all matters we integrate and implement designs which protect client assets from adverse circumstances, such as judgments and spousal creditors. Each client matter in this area of practice has unique facts and contextual nuances that must be carefully considered. While planning for protection well in advance of an adverse circumstance is the best alternative, there may be steps clients can take at any stage, including while in the midst of an adverse circumstance, to improve their situation and commensurate results.


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